Exploring Emergency Care Register For This Camp

Grades: 7 - 12
Course Code: SCMP 142
Week 2: July 10 – 14
Cost: $379
CRN: 10959

Additional weeks of this camp

Week 4: July 24 - July 28 Cost: $379 CRN: 10960
Week 7: Aug 14 - Aug 18 Cost: $379 CRN: 11610

Think you have what it takes to be an Emergency Medical Responder one day? Come and learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, various systems of the human body, basic First Aid and CPR, and the vital role of being an Emergency Medical Responder. Campers will also tour an ambulance, fire truck, STARS facilities and experience what it’s like to be a 911 dispatcher. This camp is a combination of theory and hands-on practical experience, with lifesaving implications.

This camp will focus on the enhancement of the following Essential Skills

Continuous learning, Oral communication, Working with others

SAFETY NOTE: Campers are required to adhere to the safety precautions outlined by the instructors; safety infractions may lead to removal from the camp.
This camp deals with graphic/sensitive material.

Subject to availability.

All campers are required to wear closed-toe shoes with a good tread; no sandals or open-toe shoes permitted in the labs. Long pants are required to be worn in the lab; no shorts, capris or low-cut tops. Campers with long hair should ensure that they bring hair elastics to tie back their hair.