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Grades: 4 - 6
Course Code: CAMP 121
Week 2: July 10 – 14
Cost: $239
CRN: 10441

Additional weeks of this camp

Week 4: July 24 - July 28 Cost: $239 CRN: 10442 WAITLIST ONLY
Week 8: Aug 21 - Aug 25 Cost: $239 CRN: 10501 WAITLIST ONLY

What do you get when you mix budding scientists with artistic kids? Crafty Science Kids, of course! In addition to working on arts and crafts, learn why some materials are used more than others and why some just don’t make the cut. Also learn how to make your own chalk, chalkboard, water colours and other items to discover the science — or the “how and why”— behind the art.

This camp will focus on the enhancement of the following Essential Skills

Continuous learning, Thinking, Working with others